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A complete digital marketing solution

A businesses online presence is of vital importance in today’s market. Keeping on top of your digital marketing strategies usually requires your business to hire entire teams. This can be very expensive for your business. Let us do all the work for you at a fraction of the cost!

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R 5,000

per month

  • Basic One Page Website
  • Basic Social Media Presence Plan
  • Website Hosting and Domain Name
  • Personalized Email Addresses
  • SEO Setup
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R 10,000

per month

  • Basic Multiple Page Website
  • Premium Social Media Presence Plan
  • Website Hosting and Domain Name
  • Personalized Email Addresses
  • SEO Setup
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Digital Marketing Success 

By making Astral Marketing your trusted digital marketing agency, our team will build a customized internet marketing package for your business that will take care of all of your digital marketing needs. We focus on developing a strategy tailored to your company to help your business achieve its ambitious digital marketing goals.


With our SEO services, your business can create search-friendly content for your site that reads well and ranks high in search results. What that means for your business is more traffic visiting your site and more lead generation.


With our social media marketing and management services, your business can improve brand awareness, client satisfaction, and customer loyalty across all of your social media networks. 


An updated website can help your business immensely by providing a seamless experience for users. This can have a direct impact on your conversion rates, traffic to your site, and more. It can even improve your SEO rankings.


With a brand refresh, sometimes a little can go a long way. A brand refresh can be as simple as a logo update, to changing all online branded marketing. Our goal here is to preserve the integrity of your brand while expanding your reach to new customers.

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Other Services:

Web Design & Development

We are experienced in creating user friendly and trendy websites. We craft the most beautiful responsive websites that are built for delivering engaging experiences and have strategic and clear objectives. We create all of our projects with love and attention to detail.


Social Media Marketing

We are the cost effective alternative to hiring an in-house social media manager. Struggling with social media? Let us take over your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter  account and help you to generate content to help build a community and create more business for your brand .


SEO & Organic Traffic

We take SEO and organic traffic seriously! Why you ask? SEO is the very important process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website in a search engine’s results. If your sites have good SEO practices, they will recieve free traffic from search engines organically.